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12v, 10 watt Solar PV panel



With an aluminium frame and tempered glass surface. This compact and light-weight panel is ideal for powering the Topsflo TS-5 15 PV circulating pump on your boat, caravan, or motor-home’s solar water heating system

10W 12V Monocrystaline Solar Panel
Top One Solar Brand
12v, monocrystalline silicon
Aluminium frame
Tempered glass

Maximum Power                                      10W

Open Circuit (Voc)                                   22.3V

Short Circuit (lsc)                                    0.58A

Maximum Power Voltage                         18V

Maximum Power current(lmp)                 0.56A


Working Temperature                             -45C to +85C

Tolerance                                               +-5%

Dimensions                                            360 x 240 x 1.7 cm

Weight                                                    1100g



Cable unspecified

5 year limited replacement warranty.


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 360 × 240 × 1.7 cm