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12Volt Solar Circulating Pump Topsflo TS5-A12- 15w PV (Stainless fittings)



With stainless threads to meet standards for potable water

  • Operate your Solar Water Heating System with the Topsflo TS5 Series 15PV Solar DC Circulation Pump, designed for use in solar water heating systems
  • Runs effectively directly from a 10 watt Solar Electric PV panel or can be run from your battery
  • Can be used for Home Brewing and Hydroponics systems
  • 1/2″ BSP/NPT (Standard) Threads on both sides
  • Brushless, Seal-less, Extremely Long Life, Rated at 30,000 hours
  • Can Run With Hot Water (212 deg F) and at High Pressure (145 psi)

For more information read theĀ Topsflo TS-5 15PV data sheet

Additional information

Weight 0.479 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 11 × 7 cm