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                            Solar Hot Water for Caravans, Boats & Motor Homes

                                  Marine Solar Hot Water Systems by Heliatos

SolaExchange is selling marine solar hot water heating panels and systems in Australia for motor homes, house boats, yachts and caravans. we are pleased to be offering state of the art,  environmentally friendly technology developed and built in the USA that really works. Innovation, quality, robust, simple and sustainable

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As we now have to use a U.S based agent shipping rates vary depending on your address and the exchange rate.                                                                                                                      Please contact Tim with your your address for a Shipping quote                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                MH-38 Panel $315 + Shipping from the US POA


              Heliatos MH-38 Panel Information                 

Heliatos MH-38 Solar Water Heating Panel

Heliatos MH-38 Solar Water Heating Panel Mobile-Homes, Boats & Caravans 

There will be a $50 shipping charge when buying an MH-38 panel.  Any additional items purchased from SolaExchange have an Australia Post charge calculated at the checkout

Article:  Cruising Helmsman April 2015 

What else do I need to build my solar water heating system?

SolaExchange is the Australian distributor for Heliatos. If you like what you see here and want more information about  these products, please visit www.heliatos.com or  contact us here.
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The solar water heating panels we sell at SolaExchange are top of the range. Developed by Heliatos USA from their SW model, suitable for caravans and motor homes. Extra corrosion protection and powder coating were added to make the MH-38 suitable for beach houses and ocean going vessels operating in a marine environment



Don’t you love new ideas that work. that save you fuel and money, that let you travel further and for longer. Just park up or anchor for as long as you want. When the sun comes up you have hot water. Whether your mobile accommodation has wheels or it floats. If it has a hot water tank that is heated by electricity, gas or engine heat you can add on a Heliatos solar heating system and be free from ongoing expenses.


No need to hook up to your battery system. No need for a thermostat. No day / night switch. The Heliatos system we offer at SolaExchange is stand alone. A water heating panel or more, a small circulating pump, a 10 watt PV panel, some plumbing and wiring and you have everything you need to have hot water from the sun. It’s simple


Robust & Durable

Built to resist the corrosive effects of a marine environment the Heliatos MH-38 water heating solar panel is built to last. The glazing is built from tough UV resistant, twin wall polycarbonate and the frame from powder coated architectural grade aluminium alloy 6063. Internally it has been treated with zinc phosphate and sealed to protect it from corrosion while subjected to salt air and spray.