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 Why have a Solar Water Heater?
Heating water is a huge portion of your electric and/or gas bill (often it can be as high as 40% of your bill!). Heating water with the sun is a time-tested and efficient way to heat water. It eliminates waste and saves you money. The Heliatos Solar Water Heating System is affordable and easy to install.

What is a Heliatos Solar Water Heater? 
Our systems are unique, and no need for an extra tank. Here’s how it works:
Cold water will be pumped out of your water heater and then through the solar water heating panels where it is heated by the sun. The pump’s electricity is provided by a photovoltaic solar panel, so it’s completely off the grid. Free hot water!

I Already have 12 volt power.Why connect the pump to its own PV panel? 
You could connect the pump to your 12 volt system but it would need a “light switch” to turn the pump on in the morning and off at night. At dawn the pump would come on suddenly at full power when there was not much heat in the sun . Using a 10 watt PV panel allows the pump to increase and decrease  its flow in proportion to the strength of the sunlight

How many panels do I need? 
Aproximatly one panel for every 20- 25 litres in your present water heater. If you live in a place like Northern Queensland or Western Australia you can reduce the number of panels a little or increase the number If there is a greater distance between the panels and the water heater

Where Do I put my panels? 
Anywhere there is sun throughout the day. They look great on your roof or next to the house/RV/cabin. Here is a link to a very innovative installation of our panels at the Scripps Beach Lifeguard Tower.

What are the Panels made of? 
The front of the panel is twinwall polycarbonate glazing , the same material used for airplane windows, robust and lightweight. The sides are thick  aluminum and the backing is aluminum sheeting.  Our unique design inside (patent pending), provides ample heat but is so lightweight anyone can carry these to a roof or install them on a boat or RV!!

What about Water Pressure? 
If you have low water pressure you know you can’t have a tankless water heater.  Our system works with any water pressure!

What happens at Dark? 
First you use the water that was heated by the sun during the day. Then if you need more hot water then your gas or electric will kick in.