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Installation Kits

Don”t you hate it when you have to keep going back to the shop to change another part that didn’t fit?  SolaExchange have developed a Kit that  utilises a combination of brass compression & bsp fittings, John Guest 3/8″ tube,& push-fittings to ensure your installation is as convenient as we can make it. We have modified some of our fittings to work with the John Guest tube to provide optimum performance and ease of installation. Our RV Kit is designed to fit insulated hot water tanks with 1/2″ bsp male outlets. Once you determine the size of your tank’s outlets we can add the adaptors to make your Kit a one stop shop.

Contact us and let Tim know about your tank outlets. Phone, email or use our contact form, send a pic or let us know the make and model of your tank and we’ll do our best to make sure it fits first time.

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