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Here are some comments SolaExchange has received from customers and others who have installed the system. We will continue to add these as more Australians customers discover this system and let us know how it’s performing.

All the parts arrived in good order. It went together easy and works well. Since installing it I have only had to start my generator once to heat my water and that was on a very overcast day. Even then it still takes the chill off the water. I’m happy with it, It’s a good system.

Jim from Lakes Entrance


Works a treat. Very happy with how it has worked. Sat in Pancake creek for 7 days and had hot water every day.

Andy Richards


SMS conversation with Mike Ashton Tin Can Bay two days after installing the Heliatos system

Tim) hows the system going?

Mike) I want my money back its too bloody hot!

Tim) Too hot like boiling or just good and bloody hot??

Mike) Just good and bloody hot. Good system I like it and so will Carmel