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Heliatos MH-38 panel Kits (Aust)

Kits to Install a Solar Water Heating System on your Boat or RV

These Kits include  Heliatos MH-38 solar water heating panels a circulating pump, a 10 watt 12v solar PV and a RV plumbing Kit in one package. The Kit has been developed to provide the main components and plumbing for customers to set up their own Heliatos solar hot water system.  This kit is designed to suit installations for Boats, Motor-Homes, Caravans or Beach-Houses and utilises the Plane Connection method. The Kit’s tube is 3/8″ John Guest and the fittings have been selected to provide Australian customers with a system that is compatible with Australian plumbing sizes. These Kits can be easily adapted to suit practically all insulated hot water tanks, cylinders or water storage heaters. It simplifies ordering a  Heliatos system and ease of installation. If your tank has outlets other than 1/2″ BSP male please contact SolaExchange and we will provide the right adaptors to make the RV Kit fit your tanks outlets. To avoid heat loss the tubes must be insulated. SolaExchange does not stock tube insulation products contact us for insulation tips

Note: The straight compression unions that attach the tube to the panel can be substituted for 90 degree elbows for an extra cost of $12.20. Any extra adaptors SolaExhange provides will be at retail price 

These Kits do not provide the wiring from PV to pump, tube insulation or the mounting bolts for the panels  

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