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About Us

About SolaExchange

Thank you for visiting  SolaExchange. While you are here I hope to offer you something from two worlds. The past and the future.
We are aiming to give you something old fashioned, something you still see but not as much as we used to. That something is good service.
We are all looking for ways to  enhance our lives, to improve on the the lessons of the past so what have we got. That something is innovation

Why did I set up this on-line shop ?

As a cruising yachtsman I see benefits in simple sustainable systems and products that work. They make our lives easier and less dependant on regular purchases such as fossil fuels and inconvenient shopping. Not only is it better for the environment but we can travel further and for longer. I came across this system recently and decided this was something I would like to offer to others whether they tour on the land or cruise on the water.

OK so I only have a few of products in my shop right now but they are good. I would love to add more good stuff that meets the criteria of quality, innovation and simplicity. It gives me satisfaction to offer these to my friends and neighbours that travel on the roads and water in their homes on the move.

If you manufacture and supply goods you think fit well on this website please feel free to contact me

With Regards Tim