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If all the technical stuff is starting to become boring then then try this page. Technology is wonderful if it means you get a hot shower at the end of the day but we all need some entertainment, beautiful things to look at and some food for our soul.


SOFT OPTION great Aussie Fiction

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A great Aussie novel

Soft Option A beaut Australian novel

Do you like to read fiction? Are you are an Australian who loves a well written thriller? I have a truly great book for you to read. You won’t find this book in the book stores but don’t be fooled by that. Its called “Soft Option” and written by Eddy Rix. It’s a genuine page turner set on the East Coast of Australia in the 80s. It sniffs of crime, Government conspiracies and cover ups but embraces much of the culture (and counter culture ) of those times. In my opinion a terrific read that anyone who lived through those times and in this place should read


Dae Michka                                                                                                    great read – the movie would be hot + an Oz soundtrack from the time would be brilliant

Vicki J. Author of Sex in the Sect                                                                                                                   Soft Option is an Australian book of international quality. Eddy Rix, a newcomer on the Australian writing scene, draws the reader slowly into the web of intrigue with imaginatively descriptive passages that are like melodies for the mind. It begins deceptively low key, as if written by a jaded public servant in Canberra, The main character, Tim is called to investigate an internal complaint from a staff member who approaches the media when she uncovered a miscarriage of justice. Two innocent young men are jailed for a crime she can prove they did not commit. A secret government branch with enormous power working outside the checks and balances of other departments, is uncovered. Tim and those closest to him are forced underground and are in danger when uncovering knowledge so long suppressed. The results of the investigation must be stopped at any cost.

As exciting as such recognisable novels as the Pelican Brief and as deeply satisfying as Australia’s Tim Winton’s Red Dirt. The reader is caught up in the tension, to the point of almost calling out loud for Tim to be more cautious.
Eddy Rix builds the momentum toward the ultimate revelation and carries the reader with Tim as his painful fight for survival is portrayed.
I thoroughly recommend Soft Option to anyone who enjoys a good read.

Tims Art

Own a water colour painting of your boat in the setting of your choice.
Gladstone Boat Harbour Marina

Gladstone Boat Harbour Marina

 This water colour painting currently hangs  framed in Gladstone Marina’s Office. Provide Tim Rix (the artist) with a clear photograph of your vessel from the angle you want and one of the setting you want it in he will produce a painting for you.


Prices :        $150 for A4,     $250 for A3      (postage not included)
Contact Tim for orders or further information                                                                                                                        Email tim@solaexchange.com.au                                                                                                                                             Mobile 0457 004  425