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How many panels do I need?

How many Panels do I need

The performance of your system  will vary according to its capacity, the number of people who are using it, how much hot water they use, how frequently it is used and the climate you live in

The number of panels you are going to need will depend on

  • How much water you are trying to heat or
    • how big your storage tank is
  • Your demand for hot water or
    • how many people are using it for showers each day
    • how long those showers last and
    • do you wash up after every meal
    • do you have other requirements for hot water

Other factors can effect the efficiency of your system

  • Is your tank well insulated
  • Are the supply lines from your solar heating panels insulated

The information given here is a guideline and provided as general advice only

Size of Tank

Number of users



Extra usage

Number of panels

Up to 25 Lt

1 to 2

1 to 2

1 to 2



25 to 50 Lt

2 to 3

2 to 3

2 to 3

2 times / day


50 to 75 Lt

3 to 4

3 to 4

3 to 4

3 times / day


more than 75 Lt


More than 3

4 or more

3 or more times/ day

4 or more