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DSE 6017 Circulating Pump (PV powered)



Many customers have asked if they can power their solar circulating pump  directly from their existing solar panels without having to find space for a dedicated 10 watt panel when extra space is hard to find. This pump can provide that advantage

Designed to run directly from 12 volt solar panels or an array with a maximum output voltage of 28 volts or less and connected before your battery controller the DSE 6017 Solar Circulating Pump offers excellent value for money competing favourably with the Topsflo TS5 pump for performance and price.

SolaExchange recommends the DSE pump for Solar Hot Water installations where the pump doesn’t operate from your battery. If you need a circulating pump to run from a battery or it’s own 10 watt solar PV  you will need the Topsflo TS-5.

The DSE 6017 pump is more splash resistant than the Topsflo which is an advantage in hot water systems where it could come in contact with water. The pump has half inch threads compatible with Australian BSP sizes (a little thread tape recommended)

Additional information

Weight 0.495 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 11 × 6 cm